Archives for September 2008

Drink tea

I drink a lot of tea. It doesn’t seem so next to my British in-laws who seem to constantly sip sugary, milky gumboot tea. But nearly all my fluid intake consists of pots of aromatic gorgeous brews of green or white teas, florally-infused blacks or herbal concoctions. Plants all brewed in water, imparting nutrients, vitamins, […]

Rocket Farming

I may have inadvertently started the potentially great Kapiti Coast rocket (Eruca sativa) weed problem. And I have mixed feelings about it. We simply don’t need any more weeds around this place. But I’m always happy when things self sow, it’s the way things are meant to happen. The rocket came from certified-organic stock, and […]

I freakin’ love spring!

Genista in full bloom, Gisborne NZ, Sept 18, 2008

Mulching is sweet

Mulching has got to be my favourite gardening chore. Not only does it smother weeds, thus facilitating the end of one of my least favourite jobs (weeding…I have kikuyu grass, I hate weeding), but is also satisfying some serious chocolate craving. I’m using cocoa husks to mulch my garden and I’m loving it! I think […]