Archives for November 2008

Brussels sprouts

So I’ve been getting all angsty about my Brussels sprouts Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera. It turns out I planted them at the wrong time – curse you garden stores with attractive looking punnets. Apparently, I should be planting them now instead of 3 months ago. Second thing I got wrong – they require a much […]

Getting All Natural on a Sunday

Sunday night nature documentaries have been a tradition since I was a kid. Unfortunately, TV stations don’t have the same concern and it’s left me yearning for some good David Attenborough. Unfortunately again, he can’t make them faster then I watch them so I’ve had to turn to the internet to sate my nature voyeurism. […]


Want to know how photosynthesis works? Spend 5 minutes watching this illustrated presentation showing you how it’s done. Aren’t things so much easier to understand when illustrated?

Robot flowers for the robot bees

A giant mechanical flower that opens and closes at dawn and dusk, made by students at the University Of Buenos Aires in Argentina. (Via Suicide Bots – hot Bot on Bot Action. Photo by Don)