Archives for December 2008

St John’s Wort

It’s a beautiful sunny, summer day and my garden is rocking right now. I’ve been in a fairly lazy mood pottering around, taking some photos, pulling some weeds. It’s been a great day. My St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is looking fantastic . The bright yellow flowers are looking resplendent. Today I’m going to bottle […]


One of my favourite garden chores is watering. There is something incredibly therapeutic about coming home from a hard day in the office to go out and take water to your thirsty little plants. And they look so pretty when they’re all wet and shimmery. Problem be though, that this neck of the woods, like […]

The Guide to Good Wood

Greenpeace has published it’s Good Wood Guide in time for Christmas shopping. Now you’ll know if that beautiful incense holder that you want to buy for your sister comes from sustainable / responsible sources or not. Thanks guys!

Presents for NZ Plant Lovers: Ata Rangi Crimson

Drinking or giving Ata Rangi’s Crimson Pinot supports Project Crimson and cleverly combines two of my personal great loves into one activity. Ata Rangi makes some of the best red wine I’ve ever tasted. As a former bar manager, I’ve tasted a lot of wine – and I love Ata Rangi. Help support Project Crimson‘s […]