Archives for February 2009

Epsom salts

If clover starts growing in your vege patch, I’ve been told it’s a sure sign of nitrogen deficiency. I’m picking that’s right given the space that used to be occupied by my under-achieving heavy-feeding brussels sprouts now has a lovely patch of clover, coming up through the pea straw. I’ll be adding lots more organic […]

Zucchini blossom end rot

So I was wondering why the zucchini plants growing in one bed were half the size of the ones growing in another. The answer became apparent as the zucchs set. The soil in one bed is lacking in calcium. The signs being a nasty little problem called Blossom End Rot. I’m ok with it as […]

Basil pesto

I had the sincere joy of of prancing through a huge greenhouse of culinary herbs yesterday. And I picked a shopping bag full of deliciousness – mainly basil. All destined for pesto… My pesto recipe isn’t a strict one. Basically, I chop a whole lot of basil, a couple of cloves of garlic and pinenuts […]

How to grow your own fresh air – TED Talk 2009