White Jasmine Sparkling Tea – yummmmm…

white-jasmine-lrg_1_3I may have just found my new favourite drink. Irony being, it’s unlikely to ever pass my lips. New Zealand’s age-old problem with the tyranny of distance is taunting me with the internet waivering delectable treats in front of my eyes.

I’m a huge fan of tea – particularly white tea and especially jasmine-infused. I’m also extremely fond of bubbly alcoholic beverages. These forces combined should make the absolutely bestest Tiki drink! And Golden Star Tea’s White Jasmine Sparkling Tea seems to be it. And…. they have a pretty website! Perfect!

White tea is from the same plant Camellia sinensis as the more popular green or black tea. The very young leaves are picked before opening and have little silvery, downy hairs attached to them. White tea is lower in caffeine but particularly high in anti-oxidants and has a whole raft of health benefits. One study showed white tea to have more anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities then the highly-publicised green tea.

It would be inconceivably extravagant of me to import a case of White Jasmine Sparkling Tea way over to NZ. So, if you are in the States, try a bottle and taunt me with just how good it is.

Read a whole lot about white tea at the White Tea Guide, and if you like what you see check out my favourite supplier at TLeaf.