Permaculture worm tower

I love simple, cheap and appropriate ideas that make gardening easier and fun. At the first Seedy Sunday we showed three videos with this philosophy in mind. My two previous attempts at worm farming had ended badly with the bins being overrun with nasties that killed off the worms. But I so love the simplicity […]

Everybody has space to grow vegetables…

Sometimes you just have to get a bit imaginative with it, like this Alaskan resident. Using old guttering  provides the perfect depth for lettuce, spring onions, radishes, some cute little Parisian market carrots and most of your herbs. It’s easy maintenance and a great way to recycle. How does your garden grow? (Juneau Empire via […]

Auxins, geotropism & upside down tomatoes

I may be a little obsessive but tomatoes are on my mind again… Upside-down tomato plant hanging contraptions have been hanging around for years and I’m a bit skeptical. bit skeptical. I’ve heard lots of people marvel over them but I’ve not seen a pic of the plants actually growing in them. The only pics […]


Not a flower we think of often in New Zealand. But it is actually big business here. In 2006 exports of bulbs alone were worth NZ$6.6 million. Strangely enough, NZ exports tulip bulbs back to the Netherlands. This is mainly driven by large Dutch companies such as Haakman, aiming to supply international customers year-round. New […]