Archives for August 2009

Fruit and vegetable washing

Lately,  I’ve noticed more ads for fruit and vegetable washes to get rid of nasties like pesticides and fungicides. I wash produce thoroughly when I get it home from the supermarket (I don’t live out of my garden alone).  And while I’ve generally been satisfied by this,  it may be a good idea to step […]

Heritage Tomato Seeds in New Zealand

Fabulous list of heritage tomato seeds available from Bristol Plants & Seeds in Wanganui. They’ve been busy at work with Mark Christensen from Central Tree Crops Research Trust to grow and test heirloom varieties for superior levels of nutrition. I haven’t seen a report on the results but they do have a very impressive 170 […]

Fleeting Beauty

Ive just been reminded of a New Zealand short film I saw awhile ago. An Indian woman paints the story of spices onto the back of her lover. It’s just over 8 minutes and well worth a look. Enjoy! (Contains some scenes with naked flesh – if you are averse to such things please look […]

Seedy Sunday – Kapiti – August 16

Yep, it’s that time again and we have Grant Lyon speaking about nutrient density in commercial and organic food and how to get those nutrients into your soil. He will be talking about Brix levels and refractometers and ways to get the best vegetables out of our gardens. I’ve found a bit of a basic […]