It’s Seed Catalogue Day!!!

Possibly the most exciting, empowering, heart-wrenching, drama-filled, comedy-laden (for everyone around me), garden-geekiest day of the year – today I am Empirial Ruler deciding what shall flourish in my domain this coming season. The catalogues have arrived, the paper and coloured pencils are out, the day is cleared and the tea is brewing. Today I choose my seeds.

This year’s Seed Catalogue Day is brought to me by:

EcoSeedsKoanga Institute
Kings SeedsKoanga Gardens


  1. Oh no, oh no, oh no! And here I just congratulated myself for passing on the *waived shipping fee* that Nichols Garden Nursery just announced in an email!

    Anna, about the sticky fly traps…those worked for as long as I kept changing them. With the rain and elements, their usefulness didn’t last for more than 3 days. On top of that, I was in the clear until this SWARM of aphids flew about the peach tree, and in the end I still sprayed the leaves with pyrethrum spray. At any rate, even if you manage to keep the ants from patroling the tree, those aphids will still stake their claim, no matter what.

    Now I’m off to check out those seed companies…

    • loveplantlife says:

      Thanks Rowena – mmm… maybe fly strips aren’t for me then, too high maintenance. I like the most highly-maintained thing in my garden to be me 😉

  2. lol – I know exactly what you mean about the drama and coloured pencils!

    I’ve only done Kings this year, but need to do Koanga for potatoes I think?

    I had a 6yo helper poring over the Kings catalogue with me, and consequently as well as herbs and veges, everything with pink petals got circled …


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