Last Seedy Sunday for 2009

1239020_desert_patternsWow! Isn’t it insane how this last month has just flown by? Sorry this is later than expected but we are on again for this weekend. I hope you’ve got all your leftover seeds or seedlings ready to swap? Maybe you have some tasty treats already coming out of your garden?

Don’t let your veges dry out this year! Drought-proof your vege garden!
This month, water maestro Ben Thompson will be answering all your questions and give a demonstration on how to make a rain bale on the cheap. Water storage is invaluable for the Kapiti garden. Make sure you’re ready with these great tips from Ben.

This will be the last Seedy Sunday for 2009. But we promise to return with more vim and vigour next January – same time, same location.

Seedy Sunday
November 15, 2pm
Paraparaumu Memorial Hall
Tutanekai St