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Mildew Spray

So much for summer – we’ve been inundated with misty overcast horrible grey days and the wind has knocked the stuffing out of my plants. First sunny dry day, I’ll be out there cut things back, allowing air to circulate, clearing out detritus and generally cleaning up. I suspect I’ll also need a bucket-load of […]

Around the World in 80 Garden Blogs

A sensational, virtual round the world gardening trip has been orchestrated over at by Stuart. And the dear man has chosen to include LovePlantLife as one of the 80 destinations. I’m so smiley! Off to grab a glass of wine and do some sightseeing, all from the comfort of my couch and without damaging […]


Since Boxing Day is synonymous with shopping here in New Zealand, I thought it appropriate to post this amazing window display for London’s Selfridges created by Matthew Plummer Fernandez. I’ve always had a thing for geometry – how it looks rather than the mathematics, that stuffs way above me. But what I really dig is […]

Merry Christmas xx

Red and yellow pohutukawa