Since Boxing Day is synonymous with shopping here in New Zealand, I thought it appropriate to post this amazing window display for London’s Selfridges created by Matthew Plummer Fernandez.

I’ve always had a thing for geometry – how it looks rather than the mathematics, that stuffs way above me. But what I really dig is the analogy Plummer Fernandez used:

“I looked at the role of the shop window as a piece of architecture and found myself comparing it to the function of flowers; the part of a larger organism that is responsible for attracting other living species for its survival. Flowers have perfected the art of attraction by stimulating its target’s sense of sight, smell, touch and taste. With this in mind I adopted design traits from flowers such as the geometry behind the window’s complex form. Research into Phyllotaxis (the arrangement of florets) was key to solving the shape, followed by the calculation of folding templates for all 169 segments.”

The name Apifera is a botanical term given to flowers that are specialised in attracting bees.
Read more about the construction at Yatzer.