O is for Oranges, Oil and Organic Chemistry

Fascinated as I am with the industrial uses of plants and how they can be used to do almost everything, I don’t write a lot about these things simply because my scientific knowledge isn’t really… And I’d hate to get it wrong. But in moments like this, I can point you to people who are way cleverer than me.

Heather is way cleverer than me. She’s an industrial chemist and blogger at Oil is for… The blog is a really informative look at what oil can actually be used for and how we can put it to better use than simply burning it.

Recently, Heather took a look at bubblewrap and how poly lactic acid (PLA) bubblewrap can be made from starchy crops such as silverbeet and corn. There’s also a bit of disturbing news for pineapple lump lovers such as myself.

What really grabbed me was Oranges are for oil. It quickly looks at some of the industrial uses of orange waste from juice production:
— vitamin A,
— paint ingredients,
— gelling agents,
— cellulose for cellophane and fuel,
— synthetic rubber,
— food oil,
— activated charcoal.

Another one for the feedreader, folks! Oil is for…
(via StarCooked)