Wellington/Kapiti: Donate Garden Tools for Refugees

It must be a difficult time of year for refugee families, separated from and often fearing for the safety of loved ones overseas. Spurred on by a request by Refugee Services, I’ve decided to give the gift of gardening this Christmas. And would like to invite you all to join me.

Request from Wellington Refugees as Survivors:

This is a Colombian family (parents and 3 primary school children in NZ, with 3 grown up children still in Colombia) who arrived earlier. Shortly after their arrival the father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He has nearly finished his 4th round of Chemo Therapy and will have major surgery in January 2010, followed by more Chemo Therapy. He describes himself as a “hard worker” and enjoys gardening. He has developed a huge vegetable garden in his (HNZ) backyard (including composting organic rubbish) for which he would love to have some of his own garden tools (currently he borrows).

Do any of you have a spare hoe, fork, spade that you no longer need? Also a hammer and some new garden gloves.

I’d like to help this family out and get them the gardening tools they require. I’m assuming there are other families who would also be wanting such things so I’d like to collect any garden tools you have left over and disperse them to those who need them. I’ll also contribute a large amount of vegetable and flower seed. Can anyone help?


  1. Hello

    I am part of a project to develop community and gardening. I’d be very happy to find a way of helping this family, or any others. Please send me an email streetgardens@gmail.com