Archives for January 2010

Gardening for community – weekly garden sessions in Kapiti

Kapiti’s Food Forest campaigners have been getting their hands dirty with weekly working bees in Waikanae. We’ve secured the use of a greenhouse to do some nursery work. This is a great opportunity to start growing on plants that we can use when we have secured a site for the community food forest. These weekly […]

What summer?

Two months ago I was buying pretty summer dresses and new sunhats and dreaming of luscious long summer days of fruit, friends, decadence, sun and quite a lot of wine. It’s the typical mid-November thing to do. The problem is that I’m still dreaming, still waiting, because quite frankly – this summer has been pants! […]

My artichokes are looking beautiful

I think when they’re perfectly ready I’ll make some of these for those near and dear who need them: Artichoke and Hawthorn Bar for cholesterol (Recipe from the BBC’s Grow Your Own Drugs – James Wong) 4 artichokes 1 litre water 475 g hawthorn berries 225 g sugar 1 cinnamon stick Juice of 1 lime […]

Growing New Zealand Yams / Oca

Back in November on my scavenger hunt to Taranaki, I found some oca (Oxalis tuberosa) tubers sprouting. I had never seen them growing before, didn’t know a thing about them other than how tasty the little blighters are, but jumped in anyway and bought a couple of punnets. I had a newly-developed bed and so […]