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Getting my seed geek on

Given the significant bout of inclement weather continuing this weekend, I shall be remaining inside. This provides me with a wonderful opportunity to finish packing up all the seeds scattered stacked overwhelming the dining room table and cataloguing them. Because I’m a geek. Well, not only for that reason. There’s no point in going through […]

Seeds of Delight: 28 May

It feels like it’s been raining here forever. Well, a week feels like forever when you’re couped up inside. And what happens when I’m couped up inside? I spend far too much time trawling the fertile fields of the internet looking for a little nutrition and a whole lotta pretty. Our beautiful main image of […]

Raumati South Wetlands Planting Day

Garlic Planted

Ya’know how they say plant garlic on the shortest day, harvest on the longest? Well, that’s never really worked for me. I always got such tiny, squiddly little bulbs that I simply couldn’t be bothered using them for cooking. Last year, when I left my bulbs in the ground longer, I got better results. And […]