Getting my seed geek on

Given the significant bout of inclement weather continuing this weekend, I shall be remaining inside. This provides me with a wonderful opportunity to finish packing up all the seeds scattered stacked overwhelming the dining room table and cataloguing them. Because I’m a geek.

Well, not only for that reason. There’s no point in going through the entire process of growing, collecting, processing, drying and storing seeds if I’m not going to keep notes on what they are and where they come from.

Guided by the seed register on the Seed Savers Aotearoa site, I’m starting my database, which will include material supplied at Seedy Sunday. I’m estimating around 70 entries, but there is some room for surprise. I really don’t know what’s there – thus the reason for doing this. At the end, I should have a reference-able database of seeds I can share with other gardeners New Zealand-wide.