Archives for June 2010

Dear NZ Gardeners – Happy New Year!

It’s now completely official – no matter which way you recognise Matariki, it is officially the New Year! New Zealand gardeners should join with Maori in celebrating this special time of year, because ma’dears – this what Christmas should be for the Southern Hemisphere. A little confused? You don’t recognise the word Matariki, let alone […]

Seedy Sunday Hibernation

Seedy Sundays are taking a winter siesta.When we wake up, we’ll face the new year with a new format. Instead of monthly meetings, we’ll be running these events just a couple of times a year for Kapiti. We may even be doing events in a few other places… I didn’t imagine when I started this […]

Mange à trois – Praying Mantis Action

You’ve heard the stories now see the photographic evidence right here at LovePlantLife! Female praying mantis rips off and devours the head of not one but two lovers, turning this ménage à trois into a mange à trois. Wild!

Will this deluge ever end?

It’s rained every day since the 18th of May… And it’s pouring again now… Husband’s gone stir-crazy. He can’t deal with all this inside-ness. Just gone out and bought a heavy duty pole pruner with telescopic handle and the shark-toothed equivalent of a pruning flick knife. He’s cut himself already unboxing them. Now using them […]