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Food Forest Day – Upper Hutt – Saturday 28 August

The Plant Lover Laid Bare

It has been a winter of discontent. Or more not of a lot of content appearing on this blog. Good lard, it’s not a case of lack of material to work with… when you open yourself up to the wonders of writing a blog about plants it’s more a case of far too much to […]

Seedy Sunday Spring

Sunday 19 September 2pm Paraparaumu Memorial Hall, Tutanekai St Entry $2 He was such a hit last year that we’re bringing back Darcy Philp, chicken man and lead consultant on This Way Up’s Funky Chicken Farm project. Darcy will be bringing some of his favourite birds in, giving us a rundown on bird health and […]

Hamamelis mollis pallida

Look what I found in a garden shop today. Haven’t seen this before – witch hazel.