Resplendent Natives

To the uninformed, New Zealand natives are green and boring. How wrong those poor saps are. Have a look at these deliciously radiant native species all flowering now: Hebe speciosa ‘Magenta’, manuka and Phormium cookianum Poor Knights lilies (Raupo taranga; Xeronema callistemon) flowering spike.(Thanks David for correcting me through the comments).

What I did this weekend… Gisborne Road Trip

Discovered, by chance and bad navigation, the historic oak road near Napier. Replanted Mum’s herb garden. Bought the beautiful Coprosma Golden glow. Played with calves. Hung out with Horace the Bull. Picked organic avocados. Went to the Gisborne Wine and Food Festival. Got annoyed at the poor organisation and ridiculous queues; but still had a […]

Getting Digital

I’ve just spent two days at Te Papa attending the National Digital Forum. Aimed at the gallery, library, archives and museum sector (aka GLAM sector), the conference looks at increasing the amount of quality information online and making collections accessible. Although there for my day job, I spent a lot of time (as usual) thinking […]

Creating a Happy World in 5 Easy Steps

Anytime I need a bit of a kick in the pants, I turn to my dear friend TED. He never lets me down – inspiring, entertaining, educating and generally just making life feel better. He certainly delivered today by introducing me to Nic Marks. I never thought a statistician would make me so happy. Watch […]