Creating a Happy World in 5 Easy Steps

Anytime I need a bit of a kick in the pants, I turn to my dear friend TED. He never lets me down – inspiring, entertaining, educating and generally just making life feel better. He certainly delivered today by introducing me to Nic Marks. I never thought a statistician would make me so happy.

Watch this video! It will look at how the environmental movement can have more marketing success, what it takes to make a happy planet, one country that’s doing it already AND tell you how to be happy in 5 very easy steps that don’t have to cost money.  And if you’re lazy and/or on low bandwidth then I have notes/observations following this short presentation.

5 positive actions to make you happy

And don’t forget those around you… They’ll be happier too.

– Connect – friends, family, neighbours, community

– Be active – physical movement moves the mind, body and soul

– Take notice  – be mindful of what’s happening around you

– Keep learning – curiosity is a powerful motivator

– Give – it just feels so good

You don’t win friends and influence people by scaring them

I’m awash with examples of the fearmongering that ‘environmentally-based’, well-intentioned organisations use to try to attract interest. And they get upset when it doesn’t work.  I left one group I really supported and really wanted to be involved with and had worked hard for, solely because of the mentality of those running it – scare everyone into panicking about the end of the world. I worked hard to make the case that fear wasn’t the best path, but I lost, so I walked away.

Costa Rica – the happy green paradise

Wow! the latest Gallup poll ranks Costa Rica as one of the happiest nations on Earth. It has a higher life expectancy than the US and uses 1/4 of the resources to achieve it. 99% of energy comes from renewable resources. They disestablished the army in 1949 and invested heavily in social programmes such as health and education.

And it’s freakin’ beautiful! Here’s a small taste – some photos that my dear friend Kim sent me from his visit there last year. Ya’know, New Zealand could aspire to such heady heights if our leaders only had a little bit of imagination.

Landing in Costa Rica - DJ DVAnt

Macaws in the wild - DJ DVAnt

White-faced Capuchin - DJ DVAnt


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