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While in global food news…

A rather depressing/unsettling piece from The Telegraph linking the current political unrest in the Middle East and Africa with food supply issues. They point out that the surge in global food prices is hitting hardest the countries with an accelerating gap between rich and poor. So while industry leaders here claim that the NZ economy […]

Selling ourselves short

This isn’t a political blog. But sometimes things just get too crazy out there in the world and you’ve got to write some stuff down and say your piece. Economics is not my forte, I usually avoid it. Resilience, on the other hand, is something I do care deeply about. And the government’s plans to […]

NZ Product Recall for Spinach and Salads

Ugh. has just sent out an email about vegetable products that may be contaminated with listeria. Particularly nasty for pregnant women. The following products with a best-before date of 12/01/2011 to 19/01/2011 inclusive are affected: Pams Fresh Express Baby Spinach, 120g bag, 300g bag, 2kg loose bulk Pams Fresh Express Green Cos & Spinach […]

Poppy evolution in the LPL garden

I’ve been growing poppies for years. Beautiful big reddish-pink single poppies. I never plant them they just freely seed everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. With each flower capable of producing a thousand seeds you can see why.It’s never been a big problem though. The silvery-grey foliage looks very attractive next to my vegetables or […]