Poppy evolution in the LPL garden

Poppying up among the natives

I’ve been growing poppies for years. Beautiful big reddish-pink single poppies. I never plant them they just freely seed everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. With each flower capable of producing a thousand seeds you can see why.It’s never been a big problem though. The silvery-grey foliage looks very attractive next to my vegetables or ornamentals.

Last year, a new poppy suddenly arrived on the scene. A big pink and ruffley number. But there was only one.

This year there seems to be a war going on. The pinks and reds are battling it out for supremacy and they seem to have called in other mercenaries to prop up their numbers.

I can’t find any houses near me growing poppies, we’re just not a floral garden kind of ‘hood. But I’m assuming they’re crossing somehow. Another sign may be that all the darker ones are sterile – no seeds have developed from the pods. Curioser and curioser…

If you’ve got poppies, just leave them be as they really don’t like being moved. If you don’t want them, then be vigilant and chop them down. Don’t let them go to flower. After the pod has developed the seeds will continue through to maturity even if you’ve beheaded them..

Here are some pictures of our current crop.

The original LPL HQ poppy, going strong

Poppy #2 - the pink ruffled number

The quite princely poppy #3

Poppy 4 has low numbers so far