We’ve Bean Harvesting

The last of the scarlet runner beans are in, with a large amount destined for the seed bank. I consider this year’s growing season a success. Easy to grow, healthy and vigorous plants that looked stunning against the house – dense lush green climbers with beautiful scarlet flowers.

As this was my first year growing these beauties, I’m completely new to cooking them. I planned to simply dry them and use in casseroles over the coming months. But being a tapas kind of girl this recipe over at LifestyleBlock.co.nz courtesy of Andrea has intrigued me:

I cook them, cool them, then toss with minced raw garlic, olive oil, a little sea salt and some chopped fresh parsley or coriander. Then, eat like popcorn!

If they prove to be too tasty, seed stocks may be down next year 😉