Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Yesterday it snowed at my house. I live near the beach, in a place it never snows. I can count on two fingers the number of times I’ve been in falling snow. I put the little one to bed, rugged up and ran around outside like a 5 year old. Alas, it didn’t settle so no snowmen for me.

But I did get to have a snowball fight on Sunday night at a friend’s in Brooklyn. There were blankets of it. I had been conveniently sheltering at the Chocolate Festival at the Intercontinental as it fell. When fuelled by tasty, tasty chocolate, that much snow was a total delight.

Will be interesting to see how this cold blast will affect the garden. The one year I give up and don’t plant Brussels sprouts because it doesn’t get cold enough in Kapiti is the one year it decides to snow at sea level! I must have offended the brassica gods.

More interesting point is what will it do to insect populations round these parts? Ants, whitefly, aphids, shield bugs – how will they all fare in the icy conditions? Might have been a good enough zap to get a few of the suckers away from my spring sprouts.

Watch a great little clip of aerial shots of Wellington’s snow.