Peas Porridge Hot: Growing Your Own Baby Food

This morning gorgeously fat, juicy pea pods were growing up against the house. This afternoon they’re mush.

It’s taken weeks to get her to eat anything but now the 6.5 month old bundle of sweetness has been chowing down on super fresh and organic peas. Serious satisfaction – I grew the kid, I grew the food – I feel like I’ve achieved 🙂

The peas have been put in a pot of boiling water, then brought back to the boil and left for 3 minutes. No salt, no additives, no dodgy preservatives. Drained and smooshed through a sieve to give a beautiful fine texture without liquidising them as a food processor would. Yes, a little over-the-top but food is important, my child will learn to love her veges and veges have texture.

The leftover skins went nicely into last night’s kale and shiitake risotto for lunch for me.

If you want in on this homegrown baby food bonanza, check out the shop where I have these Pea Wando seeds for sale.


  1. I can’t wait to make my own baby food one day! I still need to have the baby first. 😛 Congrats on doing it!