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Smelling the roses

I spent Election Day smelling the roses, literally. As there has been so much manure on the campaign trail, I thought it only fitting. I’m now as sunburnt as a Raspberry Ice floribunda. But I don’t think it’s that making me feel ill. I’ve been staying up late surrounded by Whittaker’s chocolate wrappers, with a […]

Becoming New Fonterraland: GE, TPPA and BS

Holstein Freisian dairy cow – there’s 4.4 million of them in New Zealand. Image from Wikipedia. This is not a diatribe against cows, as previously stated I really do like the beasties. So news is out that National seek to allow the introduction of genetically engineered organisms into New Zealand. You know New Zealand–that previous […]

Take that and smoke it…

There’s been a royal rumble developing over on Twitter. It all started when Mr @higgeldygarden proclaimed on his rather lovely UK blog, As many of you will know I am the self styled King of Borage, but not as well known is my new self appointment as the Earl of Cornflowers. I should have been […]

Poppies are here!

Came out on the same day. So nice to see them