Hungary: My enviro-refugee destination

I may have ranted on election night the desire to find another country to live for the next couple of years. And it’s taken me awhile but I have come up with a few options should I wish to run away. One option is Costa Rica, for reasons already discussed. Next on the list may just be Hungary. I’ve always had a soft spot for the land of paprika, but since they destroyed 1,000 acres of  Monsanto’s GMO-maize? I think I’ve got a real crush on the place. 

March 2011, all genetically modified organisms (GMO) were banned in Hungary. The March legislation required that seed must be tested for genetically modified organisms (GMO) before it goes on sale. So when in July officials tested maize in the field and found it was a Monsanto messed-with variety, officials dug the crop under before pollen could be spread.  Kick-ass!

And cherry-picking further Magyar facts to highlight Hungary as my destination choice of the week:

  • Hungary was the first country to ban DDT in 1968.
  • Hungary is ranked 6th in the world for environmental protection. (But Anna, who are the top 3 I hear you say? Well, it’s Sweden, Germany and Iceland.)
  • The country is a thermal water wonderland.
  • The Tokaj area of Hungary gave birth to the world’s first botrytised wines, which I’m awfully partial to. And the region itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Imre Makovecz – Extraordinary man, whose wooden, organic architecture I fell for many years ago.
  • Budapest is amazingly gorgeous and has such a brilliant examples of Art Nouveau.