Edible Backyard Summer Festival 2012

That was one helluva heavenly weekend. That Kath Irvine woman is something very special!

Edible Backyard is Kath’s creation – an awe-inspiring, drop-jaw gorgeous backyard paradise from which she teaches others the wonders of gardening. She has gathered around her an amazing team of people to put on this sensational Summer Festival and I feel very blessed to have been asked to be involved.

One stall, two seed saving workshops and three beautiful images to illustrate the point. If you live in the lower North Island and like a wholesome, healthy and very happy weekend out – sign up for Kath’s newsletter and get yourself on the list for next year’s event. The newsletter alone will do incredible things for your gardening motivation – it’s packed full of ideas, info and just plain joy.

Thank you to everyone involved. Really was a blast!



  1. I love the fact you have gardening meet ups like this one. I need to investigate this kind of thing in the UK, I am sure we do it somewhere, although we are usually about ten years behind you guys!

    • Hi Lilah, It’s often hard to find these smaller events but so worth the effort. Great stories abound of wonderful things happening in the UK – Todmorden, Landshare.net, Plants for a Future pfaf.org. One summer I hope to be over there checking out for the wonderful events and gardens.
      THanks for stopping by 🙂
      ~ Anna