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Oh wwwoe: How gardening is so much easier than web stuff

I did something a bit stupid. In a wave of sleep-deprived (baby is teething) stupidity I decided to try to move my site from a hosted one to a self-hosted number. Not something someone should do on little sleep. The website threw a bit of a wobbly. The domain mapping didn’t oblige. Something […]

A Plague of Technical Issues Upon My House

Things have been breaking around here more often than plates at a Greek wedding. The website is in disarray, I’ve been pulling my hair out and weeds have been growing in the cracks as I try to get things back under control. The gloves are on. I’m clambering my way back. We should be back […]

On Show

Four of my ventures joined forces for the weekend’s Kapiti Sustainable Home and Garden show. Despite the onset of a cold for both the baby and I, we braved wind, rain and stage fright to present LovePlantLife, Garden Kapiti, Seedy Sunday, the Kapiti Seed Store. And we even fitted in a seed-saving workshop. (Notes for […]


Experiencing a few major site changes – not all of them expected. Hope to be back to normal service soon. Meanwhile, let me introduce you to the new LovePlantLife seeds shop.