Oh wwwoe: How gardening is so much easier than web stuff

I did something a bit stupid. In a wave of sleep-deprived (baby is teething) stupidity I decided to try to move my site from a wordpress.com hosted one to a self-hosted wordpress.org number. Not something someone should do on little sleep.
The website threw a bit of a wobbly. The domain mapping didn’t oblige. Something about A records went screwy. Then my theme was out of date and I had to find a quick replacement. My links didn’t do what they were meant to and basically things kinda sucked. I lost all my subscribers and generally everything broke. I took my turn in having a bit of a tantrum, by simply turning off the computer and walking away for awhile.
So I’m trying to make everything right and get back to a site I’m proud of. Unfortunately, it’s taking a lot longer than expected. I’ve leaving the site up in the interim to allow older posts to still be accessed, but I will be posting very little until my regensis is complete – amazing new content and striking good looks!
Soon my darlings… soon…
If you are moving your site from a WordPress.com to a WordPress.org I would suggest a few things:
—  Make sure you have a copy of all your links;
—  Make sure you know ahead of time what theme you’ll be using;
—  Make sure you grab a list of your blogs subscribers;
—  Get more sleep;
—  Better still – cough up the cash and have WordPress help you – it’s worth it!

The beautiful red tinge of Rouge d’Hiver lettuce.