Countries with bans or restrictions on GMOs

New Zealand Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences president Associate Professor John Hickford, of Lincoln University, said elsewhere in the world GM research was being carried out at a heightened pace. “GM is a major area of research internationally, but one that NZ is apparently not allowed to be involved in,” he said. The Rotorua incident would further damage the morale of scientists who, as a professional group, were poorly paid and had poor job security. He questioned whether the vandals were “swimming against an overpowering tide of support for GM”.

Hundreds of GM trees destroyed – 13 April 2012

Well, Professor Hickford, apparently not A genetically modified organism is a man-made, patented, organism created in a laboratory through genetic engineering. It is created when a gene from a totally unrelated species is shot into the genetic material of another species. Scientists worldwide now admit that the rush to sell genetically engineered product has put people’s health, property and the environment at risk.

GMOs are untested, unlabelled, unpredictable

These countries have all banned or restricted the import, distribution, sale, utilization, field trials and commercial planting of Genetically Modified Organisms ~~List will be updated with more info as it comes to hand~~ Pacific Australia South Australia has a ban on GM crops. Tasmania has a moratorium on them until November 2014. New Zealand American Samoa Cook Islands Fiji Kiribati Federated States of Micronesia Marshall Islands Nauru Papua New Guinea Samoa Solomon Islands Tonga Tuvalu Vanuatu Europe The European Union — Has not approved any new GM crops since 1998. Austria — Ban on the cultivation and sale of GMOS France Germany — Ban on the cultivation and sale of GMOS Greece — Ban on the cultivation and sale of GMOS Hungary — Ban on the cultivation and sale of GMOS Italy Luxembourg — Ban on the cultivation and sale of GMOS Norway Poland — Passed a law banning GMO seeds on April 27, 2006. It allows cultivating GMOs only in laboratories and bans GMO trade. Portugal United Kingdom Spain Switzerland — Ban on the cultivation and sale of GMOS Asia Japan — No GM seed is planted in Japan. However GM canola is imported and has now been found growing wild in some areas. India — After the devastating results of Monsanto’s GM cotton, where an estimated 125,000 farmers have committed suicide, the government is placing bans on new GM crops. Thailand — Implementing GMO free zones within the country so as not to hurt their organic production. Phillipines Middle East Saudi Arabia Africa Algeria Egypt Americas Brazil Paraguay US – Maryland US – North Dakota US – Montana US – Burlington, Vermont US – Boulder, Colorado US – San Francisco US – California counties of Mendocino, Trinity and Marin.