NZ GM field trial destroyed by activists

375 plants in a genetically-modified pine tree study into herbicide resistance and reproduction have been destroyed. The trees were planted last August at Scion in Rotorua for a trial that was meant to take two to three years. Now, new genetically modified trees will have to be planted, and the trial started again. Or not, as the case may be. No one has claimed responsibility.

New Zealand has a very active and dedicated GM-free network

  • Facilities involved in genetic modification trials are routinely monitored and trials checked for breaches.
  • In 1999, a facility at Lincoln was broken into and a GM potato trial was destroyed.
  • 2002 saw another potato trial destroyed at Crop & Food Research.
  • Spot checks by GE Free activists in 2009 uncovered a breach in GM brassica trials which resulted in the trial being shelved.

Many of us simply don’t trust major corporations to play god with our health and environment. We don’t trust these corporations to adequately test their creations within the environment and we don’t trust them to shelve or destroy their creations and therefore their profits in the public interest.

Image courtesy of Greenpeace.