Archives for June 2012

Seed Savers Network: Seed Saving University on YouTube

We’ve struck seed-saving gold. A playlist of the best youtube videos on the subject curated by one of our heroes Michel Fanton from Seed Savers Network in Byron Bay, Australia. It was with the help of SSN’s books that LovePlantLife, the Kapiti Seed Store and Seedy Sundays got off the ground. I know what I’ll […]

Why trees?

Excellent presentation clearly explaining just why people need trees and the use of trees in urban settings. Wonderfully drawn.

Tiger worm farming: Photos of our new worm palace

It’s been a fine autumn weekend for odd jobs around the home and garden. While I’ve been trying to play tetris jamming boxes and life’s detritus in cupboards and shelves, darling husband has been formalising new accommodation arrangements for our thousands of willing workers organically ruminating making soil–WORMS for short. Tiger worms, in fact. And because they do […]