Archives for August 2012

Vegetable rennet

I’m feeling cheesy. A night of watching food television will do that to a girl. I’ve just watched three hours of cheese programmes as it so happens that watching people make cheese on TV is an incredibly calming experience. At the same time I was flicking through my Harold McGee On Food and Cooking as […]

Best Brook for Best Beans

The cold that moved itself into my head two days ago seems to be throwing itself a welcoming party and sublet part of the space for a factory redevelopment. Those jackhammers are deafening. So, I shall keep this brief. I just wanted to send mad-love out to Hamish at Best Brook for the little box […]

Food Bloggers Rock!

Hoardes of writer-types armed with cameras and forks descend on the Capital today for the New Zealand Food Bloggers Association Conference. With the most delicious conference programme I’ve ever seen, I’m terribly jealous and want to spend far more time writing about food in order to be eligible for next year’s gathering. As you know, […]

It’s On Like Donkey Kong

The weekend is here! And while most are out there having a blast, yours truly is inside with a nice pot of tea trying to completely overhaul this website. It’s been months in the making and now – this weekend – it shall be done! So bare with me here, there may be some disruption […]