Best Brook for Best Beans

Capucijner peas, a Dutch-heirloom variety available from Best Brook, Nelson, NZ.

The cold that moved itself into my head two days ago seems to be throwing itself a welcoming party and sublet part of the space for a factory redevelopment. Those jackhammers are deafening. So, I shall keep this brief.

I just wanted to send mad-love out to Hamish at Best Brook for the little box of seed goodness that has just arrived and has made me oh-so-happy. I’m very excited about the purple-podded, Dutch-heirloom Capucijner peas. The golden wax beans and Gila River beans are gawjus. And there’s some climbing borlottis that are quite different in size, shape and colour from my bush borlotti beans. Exciting times ahead!




  1. Yay, this is so timely! I was given some Capucijner peas and then lost some! I was looking for a stockist and so was pleased to see your link!