Food Bloggers Rock!

Hoardes of writer-types armed with cameras and forks descend on the Capital today for the New Zealand Food Bloggers Association Conference. With the most delicious conference programme I’ve ever seen, I’m terribly jealous and want to spend far more time writing about food in order to be eligible for next year’s gathering. As you know, food is so terribly close to my heart…

As I can’t be there in person I’ve sent along a little something for each attendee so that my presence can at least be felt. This of course makes me a proud sponsor of the 2012 conference. Have a fabulous conference people!


  1. Thanks for the seeds! The conference was awesome! I’ve had the worst luck growing onions (and leeks as well) so I’m determined to read up and give the Welsh Bunching Onions that you gave me a good try! Now to work out what to bump from my crowded garden plan…….

    • Hi Emma, My pleasure! These onions are brilliant because they’ll grow really well in a bucket and you’ll have an impressive bunch of easy to break-off onions that are easily transportable. Replanting mine this year and I intend to plant them into the garden bed. I’ll upturn a bucket and push it down where I want the onions in the garden. Plant the seeds there and cover with fine soil and let them grow into wonderful specimens right there. Nice and compact.