Archives for September 2012

Sunday walks: Waikanae River and Lagoon

Armed with pram and camera, the Waikanae estuary has now been explored. And it’s time for a nice sit-down and pot of tea and a chance to tell you just how pleasant it is… The morning was glorious; warm, blue skies, with chores completed early. The LovePlantLife Expeditionary Forces ventured forth for a nice stroll […]

X-ray Vision Carrots and Power Punch Broccoli

Giving vegetables exciting names is a low-cost, easy solution to getting kids to eat more vegetables, according to Cornell University. In a yet to be published paper, research shows that children will eat more vegetables if they are renamed to something more enticing. In the studies, vegetables were renamed in school cafeterias and showed a […]

Web design is way harder than garden design

Well, I think I’ve finally got something I’m happy with…. went out and got itself a brand new suit, haircut and a bit of a spa treatment. (If only I could have done the same). It’s good to escape the heavier, darker design and have something that feels a bit more fresh, sprightly and […]

The ultimate seed-raising house

I love him! I love him! I love him! It’s always good to announce your love for someone when they’ve built you something so absolutely wonderful. My darling, dearest, clever husband has created this amazing seed-raising greenhouse for me. Located right under the kitchen window, it’s going to be a great salad bar for my […]