The gall of it all

I’m in post-surgery recovery. It’s taking a little longer than expected. My insides hurt, my mind is vacant and managing pain relief is fraught. Too little and I’m all grumpy, too much and I go veeeerrrrrry sleepy. I keep getting bits of posts done and then snooze off into not being able to string a proper sentence together. So I’m loathe to publish anything until a good proof-read ensures I don’t insult anyone or anything that doesn’t deserve it.

My gall bladder and I could have been friends but it had been a pain in the stomach ever since it had the gall to introduce itself. About 30 episodes of great pain, (the first time I thought I was having a heart attack)  and 9 days in hospital with blockages later, and I decided it was time to go our separate ways. So, mending is taking a little longer than expected and there may be strange postings in order to catch up with everything.