The ultimate seed-raising house

I love him! I love him! I love him!

It’s always good to announce your love for someone when they’ve built you something so absolutely wonderful. My darling, dearest, clever husband has created this amazing seed-raising greenhouse for me. Located right under the kitchen window, it’s going to be a great salad bar for my trays of mesclun, spinach and lettuce too.

Let the spring planting begin, safe from weather conditions and tiny little hands.

Currently residing in there are my Jerusalem artichokes, random rocket seedlings, broad beans and a pea germination test. And the good news is I have 100% germination on the broad beans (Coles dwarf – and to whoever brought them to Seedy Sunday a huge thank you!) and 85% germination success on the pea wando.  I’m rather delighted by these results. I sense a most excellent growing season ahead!





  1. Brilliant, I could do with one of these. Instead I have a two ladders with planks between them positioned strategically under the skylight to get the seeds going. I shall then move them down the greenhouse if I can find a little more space.

  2. I have a one metre of piece of plastic in front of me…. not quite sure what shape my seed raising ‘box’ will end up like, but feel inspired by your picture. Thanks fro sharing.

    • Best of luck to you. Sending you a packet of something tasty to try out in your new creation, could you send me a postal address via the contact form?