Web design is way harder than garden design

Well, I think I’ve finally got something I’m happy with…. LovePlantLife.com went out and got itself a brand new suit, haircut and a bit of a spa treatment. (If only I could have done the same). It’s good to escape the heavier, darker design and have something that feels a bit more fresh, sprightly and nimble. If you are a frequent visitor here I apologise for the constant changing around that’s happened over the last three months or so. Sometimes you’ve just got to try things on before you realise that actually, no, your website does look dumb in this.

As I mentioned earlier, I have bits and pieces of posts floating all over the place. Like most things, if you’ve got it looking right it gives you a bit more confidence to get in there and get on with what matters. I shall now be applying myself to produce scintillating content for your reading pleasure and growing copious amounts of food.

So whaddya reckon of the new design? Please let me know in the comments below…


  1. You did great job, it looks great. Very fresh and crisp:)

  2. Like it – I’m a big fan of genesis to make blogging life that little bit easier. Just wanted to also say thanks for the seeds from the Food Bloggers conference. I sowed them yesterday in my greenhouse – looking forward to them coming through.

  3. With a few basic fundamentals of web design I am sure you can pick it up. Let us know if we can help. Kelp4less