November is not for the nervous

Spring madness is in full fervour here at LovePlantLife HQ. Life is getting its grow on in every spare bit of dirt, and metaphorically every which way you turn, opportunity is trying to bang down the door.

But after a mammoth amount of effort by those nearest and dearest, an amazing amount of work has been achieved and the pace has been set for the rest of the year.

I’m just placing the final touches on the gorgeous LovePlantLife catalogue in time for Craft 2.0 tomorrow. (If you haven’t seen album before, it really is my 2nd most pride and joy!) We will be officially launching the latest range of LovePlantLife seeds. 14 new seedlines are being welcomed into the collection and they’re beauties! But don’t worry if you can’t make it to the St James Theatre, Wellington between 10 and 4. I will have the shop stocked before the end of the weekend.

In other fabulous news, LovePlantLife seeds are soon to have two wonderful stockists…more details soon.

Another 30 square metres of garden beds are going in at HQ.

And there’s couple of we-cant-quite-mention-it-yet-but-we’re-bubbling-with-excitement projects that will really step things up around here.

So, please swing by and say Hi if you’re on Courtney Place tomorrow. If not, keep checking in… because it’s planting season!



  1. Hi Anna, just found your lovely blog via Sophie Munns post on Facebook! (are you on FB?) And just brought some vege seeds off you, so easy I didn’t even need to get out of my pjs, I love this sort of shopping!! Now I’m feeling inspired to get out into the vege garden before it rains!

    • Thanks Sally! What a wonderful way to find me. Yes, I am quietly on facebook, i havent told anyone yet
      LovePlantLife Seeds

      I hope you are enjoying that little package. And thanks so much for saying hi. It’s always great to hear how people have found you.

      warm regards,