Super Secret Santa Seed Special


Sick of rubbishy Secret Santa presents?  

Want to give a great gift this year?   

Can’t be bothered leaving the office to find one?

Well, we’ll send you a super Santa selection from the delicious LovePlantLife Seed range and you’ll get all the kudos for coming up with such a wonderful gift.

That’s 2 packets of seeds at the special Secret Santa price of $5, or 4 packets for $10— pretty cool since they usually cost $3.50 each. And we’ll only charge you $1 for the postage — how easy is that?The catch is we choose which ones to send. But, we are professionals and take this Santa selection stuff seriously. So, we’ll choose two packets of seeds that will grow well either in a fullsize vege bed or will do equally well on your kitchen window sill or maybe even on the desk at the office so you can munch basil leaves while you work. Oops… there we go giving details away… (Seed packets chosen may vary.)

Be a super Secret Santa giver this year and there will be joy and vegetables for all.