Sometimes we lack the words: The Lexicon of Sustainability

Words are the building blocks for new ideas. They have the power to activate change and transform societies.

Good golly galooshes, some people are clever. Let me introduce to Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton have been travelling around the USA meeting some of my personal heroes and a fair few other fine-minded individuals. The result is a visual glossary of sustainable agriculture. And it’s gorgeous!

In the super-distractive, inattentive world of today concepts are often misunderstood because the phrase has been bandied around too often without clarification or thought. Providing simple and powerful stories that show what’s at the core of these sustainable ideas make them accessible.

This is such a well-executed project and below are a few of the works that I really liked. Click through to see them in all their glorious detail at and go show your support for the project on Facebook.
Biodiversity vs Monoculture The Lexicon of SustainabilityJoel Salatin: The Lexicon of Sustainability