Super Success Strategies: Potatoes

homegrown potatoesReally, I have nothing to complain about – my potatoes are just fine. I prepare the soil well, feed them with lots of comfrey, treat them right and voilà potatoes (because they really are that easy). But ever-searching for produce nirvana, I did a little digging to find out just what it would take to get my spud cropping to the next level.

Lynda Hallinan supplies the details and introduces us to a ‘Summer delight’ that I might want to have an affair with this growing season.

Christchurch gardener Peter Keller’s record haul from a single seed potato: 103 tubers of at least golf ball girth. His secret? Compost, and more compost. Three bags per plant, plus plenty of water and elbow room. He sets aside a full square metre per plant.

Got any super success stories for your potatoes? Let us know in the comments.