Edible Backyard Summer Gathering Photos

The most magic of gardening events…. the Edible Backyard Summer Gathering. I have waxed lyrically about the Gathering before and the 2014 event has just been sensational. There is so much to learn, so many wonderful people to talk with, and the most incredible garden to see. Thank you to everyone who shared some time with me over the two days. And especially thanks to the indomitable and endearing Ms Kath Irvine. You have created the most inspirational event in the most beautiful setting and I am so very proud to be a part of your grand machinations.

Treasures from the garden

For the plant spotters, the most asked about plants in Kath’s garden were: CleomePhaceliaBuckwheat — available from the LovePlantLife store. The tall and striking Magenta spreen (tree spinach) was also very popular. Drop me a note if you would like some seed.