Leaves 25 April 2014


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Leaves links out to the very best plant-related content I’ve found on the world wild web this week.

Seed sovereignty

The seeds of 29 new varieties of crops have been released under a new ‘open source pledge’ that’s intended to safeguard the ability of farmers, gardeners and plant breeders to share those seeds freely.

Making your food even healthier with these simple tips

In old but good news – an incredibly interesting article on phytonutrients, and how to increase the amount you get through basic food ‘hacks’ — Cook Your Berries. Drink Dark-Roast Coffee Instead of Light. Let Your Garlic Sit. Great tips on finding phytonutrient-dense foods in our crazy mixed-up, food system from Jo Robinson’s Eating on the Wild Side. I’ve ordered the book, review forthwith.

And combining citrus juice or vitamin C with green tea could increase the absorption of antioxidants from the tea up to 13x. So you can see tips on preparing your tea with lemon over at Pratty’s (one of my most favourite tea shops).

Cider apples

A good read on USA’s cider apple shortage. You really should consider planting more cider apple trees if not for the cider, then the biofuel potentialgo get some!

UK Govt threatens Kew

Kew’s funding is getting cut and that has dire consequences for plant conservation and discovery. My spiritual home could be in danger. Go sign something!

Veggies in space

And for your listening pleasure an interview with Professor Cary Mitchell at Purdue University. He’s working on a new way of lighting indoor crops with coloured LEDs, developed so astronauts could grow veggies in space. Podcast from Radio NZ.

Feeding People: problems with how we think about poverty

I love this story over at the impressive Nourishing Revolution on perceptions of poverty and how we should just feed people.


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