Feed me: 3 cheap and easy winter vegetarian recipes

You’re exhausted, cold and you’ve spent all your reserves stopping the kids from driving you mental these school holidays. You need a boost, you need a pick-me-up and you probably need a tequila – I can’t help you there, sorry. But here are 3 links to inspired recipes that I’ve fed my family in the last week. They’re all so nutritious, delicious, simple and damned cheap to make.

Tomato Miso Soup courtesy of Edible Backyard

Tomato Miso Soup courtesy of Edible Backyard

Tomato Miso Soup

A la Kath at Edible Backyard. I just love that woman’s recipes.
Perfect lunch with a nice crusty bread roll. A simple but delicious, nutritious twist on the firm family favourite. Made this again later in the week with roast pumpkin – fantastic.

Vegetarian chilli con carne

From the new Jamie Oliver book, recipe on the Penguin website.
Vegetarian mince gets made about every fortnight round here and then gussied up into the flavour du jour – lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise etc. I have a couple of ‘ways’ to concoct such things but I’m definitely adding this recipe to the mix. Excellent flavour for the whole family. Cheap as chips to make.

Winter lunch slice

A Little Bit Country who is more than just a little bit awesome.
Made this for lunchboxes with a handful of chopped herbs added in. Everyone begged for more, including the baby. Star recipe. This will be appearing on high rotation in the LovePlantLife kitchen.

Accompany them with a quick side salad of fresh greens from the garden – chickweed, parsley, spinach with a squeeze of lemon and salt on top. And you’re done. Now go find your book and put your feet up for awhile. Tequila optional, yet encouraged.