Big things! Big things!

lpllthanksHey! My sincerest thanks for all of you who took the time to send me feedback. I am truly humbled by your generosity and kind words and trying to honour that by working out I can make your wishes happen. And I’m very excited because I am.

Having embraced all of the replies, I’ve set out to make your feedback count.

  • So you wanted more herbs? You’re getting more herbs!
  • So you wanted new, interesting, weird and wonderful seeds? I’m bringing them to ya, baby!
  • So you wanted descriptions on the backs of seed packets? Your wish is my command!
  • So you wanted a better internet shopping experience? You’re getting a better, brighter more beautiful new seed store!

It’s all exciting! It’s all happening!

But it has delayed my plans for a big launch a little….

But it isn’t far away… the launch of the brand-spanking new, uber-exciting web shop, the release of 12 new seriously awesome new seedlines AND a new way of getting you some very interesting, tasty little tantalisers to try out in your garden this Spring.

But I have said enough…I must get back to my machinations.

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