Leaves 3 Oct 2014


Leaves links out to the very best plant-related content I’ve found on the world wild web this week.

Geek: Seed microbes

‘Commensal’ bacteria are symbiotic helping plants extract nutrients and defend against invaders. Now, scientists have discovered that plants may package their commensal bacteria inside of seeds to ensure that sprouting plants are colonized. It’s like prepacking a blanket for warmth and protection. Plants are awesome.


Geeky: Lentils- history through a lens

Lentil love. Seems global consumption of this ancient crop has quadrupled since the ’60s, and it’s still a massively undervalued crop. Good read that also covers importance yet again of seedbanks. There are 10,000 lentil accessions in a seedbank in Syria. That’s a lot of dhal.

Really geek: Ecosystem services in New Zealand

Ecosystem services are the awesome things that ecosystems do that we benefit from. For free. Ecosystem services make our world go round. New NZ book showing the value proposition of looking after our ecosystems is now out. And you can download and read chapters – for free. I will be exploring further in due course.

Really useful: Purslane – Tough and Tasty: Recasting a Resilient Weed as a Wild Edible

If nothing else, watch the 2 min video with the fabulously named Farmer Brockley. That has gotta make you want to go foraging around your backyard.  Purslane is ridiculously good for you with huge amounts of vitamin E, beta-carotene (7x more than carrots), and big dose of omega-3 fatty acids.

Pretty: Herb farm steeped in magic

A good read on my current crush. Follow Zack Woods Herb Farm on for the most joyful photos of herb harvesting in your facebook stream.

Really pretty: 16 of the most magnificent trees in the world

Great to see the windswept trees of NZ included. Windswept kanuka is so dear to my heart.

Got more?

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