Archives for February 2015

Psyllids: The invasion of the tomato snatchers

Well, it’s official. Out of the mouth of Kapiti’s Green Gardener last week, “Well, if you don’t have psyllids, you are the only person in Kapiti that I’ve heard of.” And she’s right. I wasn’t looking close enough. Actually, because I was hoping it wasn’t true. But here they are SandRa over at Stoneyground Herbs […]

Small-scale farmers: Saviours of world crop diversity

As much as 75 percent of global seed diversity in staple food crops is held and actively used by a wide range of small farmholders — workers of less than three to seven acres, who are predominantly women. These farmers, who often themselves live precariously, are a living seedbank keeping the genetic diversity of food plants flourishing. […]

Isn’t it just lovely!

Beautiful big blue sky. Lovely long sunny days. Just a bit too hot for my blood. I know… never satisfied. And not a drop of rain. For weeks. And the forecast is dry, dry, dry. In the harsh sunlight the garden looks withered, the plants conserving the precious moisture by curling up their leaves. From about […]